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Saturday 11th March 2017
Runtime: 113 mins
Rating: TBC
The ever-prolific François Ozon makes a welcome return with this richly-evocative period piece, set in the aftermath of World War I. In a small German town, a young woman named Anna mourns the tragic death of her fiancé Frantz. Living with her departed lover’s parents, Anna keeps to herself, until one day she spies a mysterious man leaving flowers on Frantz’s grave. Discovering the man to be a close friend of her fiancé during his time in France, Anna finds solace in the outsider’s memories of her beloved. But as her sorrow slowly begins to lift and the pair become increasingly attached, some striking truths emerge, forcing Anna to question her burgeoning feelings. No two Ozon films are ever the same and this sweeping love story is a typically atypical work from the wonderfully unpredictable filmmaker. "Sumptuous… Feels like new territory for Ozon." Nigel M Smith, The Guardian
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Runtime: 89 mins
Rating: TBC
A Swiss mother who has lost her son in a car accident decides to track down the French woman responsible for his death in this skilful adaptation of the eponymous novel by Anglo-French writer Tatiana de Rosnay. Emmanuelle Devos stars as the mourning mother-on-a-mission, while co-star Nathalie Baye plays the owner of the coffee-coloured car — from which the film gets its title — that was involved in the hit-and-run accident. This is the kind of psychological thriller that could have been written by Patricia Highsmith several decades ago as it contrasts obsession and revenge in a slow uncovering of the psyche of two female leads. "A classy and classical psychological thriller, at various times reminiscent of the works of Chabrol, Hitchcock and Highsmith." Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter Language: French with English subtitles
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Runtime: 66 mins
Rating: TBC
Nine-year-old Icare, known to his friends as 'Courgette', finds himself in a local orphanage after the accidental death of his abusive mother. There he meets a group of children, each with their own emotional burdens and traumas to bear. Rather than dwelling on their misfortunes, the kids adopt a pragmatic approach to leading their lives, finding ways to co-exist in relative harmony. The arrival of young Camille gives Courgette his first taste of hope and possible romance. Despite its disarmingly uncomplicated look, this stop motion animated feature is one for older children and teens, as well as adults. It deals with its mature themes subtly and with respect, exploring the ways we adapt to the future and make the best of our lives. A funny, engaging and moving film with an unexpected depth and sense of beauty. "A big film in a small package: Claude Barras's children's animation broaches downbeat themes with charm, heart and smarts." Wendy Ide, The Observer Language: French with English subtitles
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Rating: TBC
Blanquette This animated short sees a family get together for a meal. A veritable dance commences as the family bustles around the kitchen, bringing plates and cutlery to the table and passing dishes to each other. France, 2015, 4'23" Director: Charlie Blin Language: French with English subtitles Guillaume drifting Guillaume à la dérive On the day he gets fired, Guillaume (Bastien Bouillon) meets his replacement, Tom (Marc Arnaud). France, 2016, 18'50" Director: Sylvain Dieuaide Language: French with English subtitles Birth of a leader L’enfance d’un chef Vincent (Vincent Lacoste) is a twenty-year-old actor. He gets his big break when he is offered the lead role in a biopic on Charles de Gaulle's life. The only problem? At the same time as he gets the job, his parents decide to move to Orléans, forcing Vincent to live alone. We follow him in his first steps towards independence. This short was critically acclaimed at the Cannes Film Festival. France America, 2016, 15'17" Director: Antoine de Bary Language: French with English subtitles Sabine Franc, (Franc Bruneau) the owner of a video store, has just broken up with his partner. He decides to ease his pain by shooting some rather unusual films of his own. France, 2015, 13'49" Director: Sylvain Robineau Language: French with English subtitles One Hell of a Plan Un plan d’enfer Mo and Carl are two devious thieves with a clever plan. One night they unleash dozens of cats in a neighbourhood, driving all of the local dogs crazy. Amid the barking and confusion, the robbers go in search of alleged booty hidden under an old woman's house. But unfortunately for them, things do not go quite to plan. Mo and Carl are about to live the most frightening night of their lives. France, 2015, 5'35" Director: Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli Language: French with English subtitles Dolly Poupée Every evening, 'Poupée' (doll) trawls online dating sites in the hope of finding love. After chatting to a mysterious stranger, she decides to go to his house in the middle of the night. As she always does, she believes something might come of it. France, 2016, 13' Director: Jessica Talud Language: French with English subtitles The Quiche Le Flan Robert is confident of being elected. However, when he loses by just one vote, he must uncover the identity of which family member did not vote for him. Was it his wife? His mum? His dad? Enraged and suspicious, Robert creates upheaval in the family in his search for the truth. France Belgium, 2015, 12' Director: Odile d'Oultremont Language: French with English subtitles
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